MÖRBY GÅRD ART is an artist-run place at Ornö in the Stockholm archipelago.

It all started in the summer of 2020 when the artist Alexandra Larsson Jacobson invited artist colleagues to create an exhibition together at Mörby Gård. The idea was to create a place for art close to nature. A place that is permissive, where the artist can work freely and playful.

-We let the artists define the art, it must grow slowly and organically, says Alexandra Larsson Jacobson who is one of two founders and an artist herself.

Mörby gård consists of a former barn that has been converted into a studio and gallery and a 2.5 km long trail where you can experience works of art while walking through the meadows and forest. Mörby gård konts surroundings, the farm, the studio, the forest and the proximity to the Baltic Sea are important conditions for our exhibitions and part of the visit. In Haninge municipality, where Ornö is located, it is very close between the countryside and the urban environment, which creates an interesting dynamic for a place like Mörby gård konst.

Alexandra Larsson Jacobson and Elias Jacobson owns the farm since 2014.
The farm has a long history of being a meeting place, as it has previously been a scout farm and bed and breakfast during the summers. Alexandra and Elias have together developed the farm, the studio/ gallery and the path that runs through their forest.

Mörby gård art board consists of the artists Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, Lotta Törnroth, Simon Blanck, Natasja Loutchko, and the curator/writer Camilla Larsson.

Alexandra Larsson Jacobson
Lotta Törnroth
Simon Blanck
Natasja Loutchko